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After more than 20 years of practicing law in separate solo practices, lawyers Tony Ashford and Guy S. DiMartino have put their experience and skills together to help fight insurance companies that fail policyholders. As insurance coverage attorneys, they understand how important it is for policyholders to recover the benefits they deserve from their insurance companies and the difficulties policyholders sometimes face to get just compensation.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith when handling the claims of their insured. The insurance bad faith attorneys at Ashford DiMartino work to ensure that insurance companies fulfill their contractual obligations to policyholders.

Insurance Coverage Attorneys with Experience

With decades of experience in legal practice, Tony Ashford and Guy S. DiMartino have the skills and knowledge to take on insurance companies. Having spent their careers in litigation, Tony and Guy are comfortable bringing lawsuits against these companies and fighting against them in court to get just compensation for their clients. From preparing and arguing motions and litigating claims to negotiating settlements, their hard-hitting strategies have significantly benefitted their clients and developed their reputation for success.

Tony Ashford and Guy S. DiMartino work most often with families, businesses, and organizations, including homeowner and condominium associations. When these people or organizations have insurance policy questions or need help seeking compensation from their insurance companies, Ashford DiMartino can help. The firm also assists public adjusters when they experience difficulty securing payments their clients have a legal right to be paid.

Cases Our Insurance Coverage Attorneys Handle

Ashford DiMartino brings its attorneys’ experience to clients across Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and throughout the United States. While insurance claims can arise from various issues, there are common claims that insurance coverage attorneys handle frequently.

Often, insurance claims seek policy proceeds for property damage, including fire, water, and storm damages. The damage can be for any property the insurance policy covers, including your house, business, equipment, or vehicles. When the insured suffers a loss, the insurance company must pay out legitimate claims up to the limits covered under the policy.

In addition to property damage claims, the insured can bring a lawsuit when an insurance company acts in bad faith. For help holding the insurance company accountable, contact an insurance coverage attorney at Ashford DiMartino.

Insurance Coverage Attorneys Handling Bad Faith Claims

When you suffer a covered loss to your property, you may be entitled certain benefits under your insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith to avoid their responsibilities to their insured as provided in the policy.

When dealing with an insurance claim by their insured, the company must act in good faith and comply with the terms of the insurance policy. An insurance company acts in bad faith when it treats policyholders unfairly by doing such things as deceiving their insureds, either delaying or refusing payment without justification, or exercising an unfair advantage over their insureds.

You may hold your insurance company liable when it acts in bad faith and doesn’t honor its commitments. The damages available for breach of contract and bad faith differ from state to state, and may include additional consequential damages, attorney fees, emotional distress damages and punitive damages.

Experienced attorneys understand how to prove that the insurance company acted in bad faith and can help maximize the damages you recover. The insurance bad faith attorneys at Ashford DiMartino are ready to help you hold the insurance company liable.

Why the Experience of Ashford DiMartino Matters

In addition to having the skills necessary to litigate insurance bad faith lawsuits, experienced attorneys have the respect of insurance companies. When your attorney has significant history handling insurance disputes, the insurance company will take their presence seriously. When insurance companies face an established, reputable attorney, they understand there is a risk of losing at trial, motivating them to settle the case for a fair amount.

Ashford DiMartino joined together to help individuals, businesses, and organizations hold insurance companies to the promises made in insurance policies. They understand fighting with a large company is intimidating and want to help you get what you deserve and recover fully from losses.

When individuals, businesses, and organizations have issues with insurance coverage matters and bad faith insurance disputes, the insurance coverage attorneys Tony Ashford and Guy S. DiMartino at Ashford DiMartino stand ready to help. Reach out to schedule a consultation by calling (219) 728-5210 or completing the firm’s online contact form.

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